Font Flora Bouquets

Berdene's Font Flora Type Bouquets
Berdene's Font Flora Type Bouquets

Nothing says it like the perfect bouquet of flowers
- but nothing spells it out quite like a handmade bouquet of letters.

Display a personal name, a company name or inspirational word. Show off the initials of your significant other, celebrate an occasion, make a bold statement, or simply add a touch of typographic decor to a room. Arrange them in a vase or bowl, or stand them on a shelf. Each letter is cut with a scroll saw from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), sanded, stained and varnished.

Type Bouquet
Type bouquet

My brother’s little girl, Faida, has become the adorable Guinea Pig for my handy-work. This is a bouquet of Helvetica I made for her to celebrate her first birthday (fully equipped with a green monkey). I think at the time she was definitely more excited about anything soft and fluffy, but I’ll re-evaluate her enthusiasm for the font flora once she’s learned her abc’s.